The sequal that was inspired by the muppets cos they are cool (24-December-2006)

This is another post i wrote for my blog on Myspace a couple of years back.

Hey there guys due to popular demand (the fact that more then one of you read the last one and said it was good) I have been inspired and written another blog

Today my inspiration comes from a really deep and meaningful movie that I just watched on tv it was a Muppets Christmas special don’t know which one. If id watched the first half I may be able to fill you all in a bit on the plot but i didn’t so I cant. But the half I did watch showed a lot of important things. One of the main things was the impact that one individual can have on the world around them or more so the effect that everybody has on the part of the world that they are involved in every time you come into contact with someone you leave a effect on that person most of the time the effect is very small and it isn’t noticed much but sometimes either intentionally or unintentionally this is why we have to be so carefull about what we say to other people because while we may think its not going to have much effect on people but eather it or the combination of all the things a whole lot of people say or do may. I have a awesome example of this and it was from being down at schoolies for those of you who don’t know I volunteered down there this year but so many people down there left a massive impact on me infact I think it was everyone from the people that I chatted to for a while to those I talked to for a couple of minutes to all those people that I gave a doughnut to as they walked past and all the people that I saw as I was walking around they all had a huge impact on me and the way that I think about life and I learnt so much from them and probably wont forget them. And there are so many people here on myspace that have effected me so much and that’s been really cool to.
But I recon that the biggest best example is god and what hes done in my life there has been so many crazy things that hes done that are so big and some so bizarre that only he could have done and I certainly wouldn’t be where I am now and the person I am now without him hes picked me up when im down showed me the way when im lost and so much other stuff to.

Now taking a huge leap back in time to the start of this blog and the Muppets and the movie I was watching the other thing that came to me out of the movie was the fact that all of us at some point in life wish that we can go back and change at least one thing that we’ve done theres plenty of things that ive done in my life that if I had a second chance id probably change the way I did them but the reality is that we cant in the end we just have to realise that were not perfect and we will make mistakes even the bible says that no one can be perfect but because god loves us soooooo sooooo much he sent his son into the world to die and take away all of our sins so that we can be with god in the coolest place ever called heaven But the important thing is that we don’t waist the rest of the life pondering on the things we could of done differently and were we could be if we did something different because this isn’t going to change anything. But at the same time we shouldn’t just try to forget or run from our past and try to hide it in the back of our head because that doesn’t work that great eather instead we should look at our past and try and learn as much as possible from what happened in it. Because if we lived a perfect life would we ever learn anything or grow into a stronger person? Isn’t it through looking at our mistakes and learning from them that we grow stronger as a person and know how to handle a similar solution if it comes up in the future.

Well that’s all I can think of for the moment so have a good rest of your day/night/week what ever it may be and dont hesitate to write me a comment and tell me what you think im open to your opinions as well

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