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Website Move

Well the fact that your viewing this means that your seeing this site in its new location. I would like to thank for the years hosting that helped get this website started I never had any problems with the hosting the site seemed to be always up and the support team were very helpful when i was first setting up however they don’t quite meet a student budget so i have had to move the hosting on. This site is now hosted at who as well as providing unlimited space and bandwidth im presuming on a as long as you use it sensibly basis they also provide other features such as one click installs for wordpress and other blog forum and wiki software they also provide hosting of a unlimited amount of databases as well as a svn server and integration with google for mail docs and there other goodies. In a few months if i get around to it i will update you on how it is going. To date the only issue that i have had with the migration of the site is that until today i had not updated the permilinks from there default form interestingly enough during this time i appear to have had more spam comments then normal.

On a unrelated note as well as my desktop being dead in the last few days since i have been back from holidays my laptop has also died once i get one of these back in order look forward to hearing about the small amount of work i did during the break.

Holiday Projects July 2010

Well im on holidays again for a couple of weeks which means I have time to pick a few side projects and do a bit of work on them so look forward to a few more updates some of the stuff im planing on working on includes upgrading this site to wordpress 3, doing some more work with vilocana maps to create a version that can be used for demonstrations. I might also play around with the irc bot that i started writing about this time last year.  Id also like to work on starting designing and implementing a cpu on my fpga and finishing up my skill tester game these later projects may or may not get much work done on them as my desktop with all that gear on it died the other day and is waiting for me to fix it. That’s probably far more then ill get time for in my break but hopefully i can get a bit of it done.

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