This linux theme base is mostly not created by myself but work from others all work is licenced under the GPL and credit is given below.
This theme is still in its beta version and i have uploaded it mainly due to requests from mates that have scene me running it. future plans include to extend it to a more advanced theme manager then clearlooks so that more of the slickness black pixmaps can be used and to further modify the icon set as i don’t like some of the current icons. I am not sure how well the colours are set for the gnome panel so the custom colours i have used are listed below they can be changed in the custom settings in appearence settings.

Background     Text
Windows:             #1F1F1F          #FFFFFF
Input Boxes:        #FFFFFF         #1F1F1F
Selected Items:   #0094FF          #FFFFFF
Tooltips:              #60E100           #000000

You will also have to manually set the panel background from the panel properties as i haven’t got around to that either yet.
Note Icon and pointer sets will need to be manually installed.


Icon set