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Now that i am no longer a full time student and i work as a software engineer I don’t have the desire and commitment to work on projects on a regular basis. I do still enjoy stuffing around with technology, tweaking it to how i like it, as well as being able to share my [&hellip



This is a collection of stuff that i am or have been working on, mostly in my spare time most are software related but occasionally i do something else. That may involve modifying a theme or something with electronics

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Enlightenment in openSUSE Leap 42.1 (and tumbleweed)

Hi All, it has come to that time of year where once again I tell you about all the new goodies we have in enlightenment for this release. In this release enlightenment itself hasn't changed that much, its got the stable 0.19.12 release with a stack of fixes hopefully making it really stable.


Making a Linux Robot, Part 5ish

First your probably wondering where parts 1-4 are, the truth is i’m to lazy to write them atm, they have been started though. Anyway here’s a quick teaser video of progress so far with a bit of info below. Some of the key components are: ODROID C1 (Running openSUSE Linux) LCD (Not in use today)