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e25 Theme Updates

As you may or may not be aware in version 25 Enlightenment is now using a completely new theme, given the time and effort that I have invested into themes based off the old Dark theme it made sense in my head for me to continue maintaining it. To that extent I have gone through the new Flat theme and added pretty much every new feature except color classes (they would be alot of work), my initial aim to have this done at e release time, however, some things like icons have taken far longer hence only releasing now.


Enlightenment in openSUSE Leap 42.1 (and tumbleweed)

Hi All, it has come to that time of year where once again I tell you about all the new goodies we have in enlightenment for this release. In this release enlightenment itself hasn't changed that much, its got the stable 0.19.12 release with a stack of fixes hopefully making it really stable.


Making a Linux Robot, Part 5ish

First your probably wondering where parts 1-4 are, the truth is i’m to lazy to write them atm, they have been started though. Anyway here’s a quick teaser video of progress so far with a bit of info below. Some of the key components are: ODROID C1 (Running openSUSE Linux) LCD (Not in use today)