Making a Linux Robot, Part 5ish

First your probably wondering where parts 1-4 are, the truth is i’m to lazy to write them atm, they have been started though. Anyway here’s a quick teaser video of progress so far with a bit of info below.

Some of the key components are:

Whats going on currently is as follows, on the left terminal i have a serial session to the odroid, its not really doing much but i used it to configure the wireless network, the right terminal is a ssh session to the odroid which has a serial terminal to the arduino (alamode), the serial connection is through the 40pin gpio on the odroid. When I press the button on my laptop keyboard it sends a PWM and Direction signal to the L298M which makes the DC motors run, the arduino currently supports commands to set the direction and speed of each motor.

The next steps will be coming up with temporary mounting for everything on the chassis and writing a program to map network commands to serial on the odroid so i can write some simple UI’s

  • Making a Linux Robot, Part 5ish
    • zapduino
    • July 27th, 2015


    • Chris G
    • December 30th, 2015

    I like it! Are you SLAM-ing with this? Any plans to? I’ve got a C1, running Ubuntu & ROS, and have been trying (unsuccessfully) to SLAM with a Kinect sensor. Looking forward to reading parts 1-4.


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