This is a collection of stuff that i am or have been working on, mostly in my spare time most are software related but occasionally i do something else. That may involve modifying a theme or something with electronics.

Sub Sections and Projects

Vilocana Maps

Vilocana Maps is a program to load and view height maps from a image file. This project started as revision for a Computer Graphics course that i was doing at uni. I decided to rewrite my rather badly written (due to time) height map loader that was originally written using GLUT and opengl and re [&hellip


Atmel AVR Skill tester Game

This is a game i started working on for a Adelaide Uni Game Development Club Game Jam. The theme for the game jam was “Create your own path.” I came up with the idea that rather then creating the game to run on a computer that instead i should run it off a microprocessor and [&hellip


Linux Themes

A few years ago I was searching for a dark gtk theme and never found one that I fully liked so I ended up mashing together a few to get one I was happy with. I never finished the theme completely and have therefore not released it until now, however, I have had requests from [&hellip



For the last couple of years i have been helping maintain Enlightenment on openSUSE, here is where you can find updates about what’s going on with Enlightenment on openSUSE as well as some other related things



This website is one of the longer ongoing projects that i have had. It started because i won hosting at a coding contest and i have continued to maintain it to show the projects i have been working on like most blogs i also use it to share my opinions on topics. Currently it is [&hellip

Posts from this Section

Enlightenment in openSUSE Leap 42.1 (and tumbleweed)

Hi All, it has come to that time of year where once again I tell you about all the new goodies we have in enlightenment for this release. In this release enlightenment itself hasn't changed that much, its got the stable 0.19.12 release with a stack of fixes hopefully making it really stable.


Making a Linux Robot, Part 5ish

First your probably wondering where parts 1-4 are, the truth is i’m to lazy to write them atm, they have been started though. Anyway here’s a quick teaser video of progress so far with a bit of info below. Some of the key components are: ODROID C1 (Running openSUSE Linux) LCD (Not in use today)