The lead up to openSUSE 13.2

Hi all, the major versions we will be shipping for openSUSE have now landed in the X11:Enlightenment:Factory repo, and will probably move to openSUSE:Factory in the next couple of weeks. As such the X11:Enlightenment:Nightly repo won’t see much attention until after the 13.2 release, I will probably still run the script around once a week but I may not fix build issues. It would be great if everyone moved back to the X11:Enlightenment:Factory repo to help testing there.

For the next few day’s you may want to swap back to the dark theme as some widgets such as the pager and music control arn’t in the current theme.

In related news the 13.2 artwork and a new profile should land in the next couple if week’s. I would also like to get rage, epymc, and epour into 13.2 but I may need some help to see that happen.

Sorry this is short has poor formatting and probably lots of typos, I’m writing this on my phone with a baby that doesn’t want to go back to sleep.

  • The lead up to openSUSE 13.2
    • Edi
    • September 15th, 2014

    Where can I report bugs?
    And can you keep the previous theme too? The new one is too dark.

      • admin
      • September 15th, 2014

      Hi, Bugs can be reported to the openSUSE bugzilla there is a report bugs button at if you think the bug is openSUSE specific, if you think it is enlightenment in general you can report it at if your unsure put it on the openSUSE tracker and ill figure it out.

      In the next couple of days i’ll create a new theme package for the old theme, will probably be have olive-leaf somewhere in the name. There will also be a light theme based off and a blueish green variant also expected in the next couple of days (All i need to do is make packages)

      Feel free to ask any other questions here.

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