Every now and then SUSE lets its engineers have a “Hackweek” were we can work on anything that we think is of value. This Hackweek I focused on improving testing of the Enlightenment desktop, I had 3 main goals, 1. Id like to be able to run tests on EFL / Enlightenment tarballs before there released both for new versions and point releases. 2. I’d like to be able to run openQA tests on builds from git and 3. I’d also like to be able to improve our openQA tests for enlightenment.

To achieve this I set myself 3 main tasks to work on.

  1. Setting up openQA on a local machine to run existing tests.
  2. Build kiwi images based off enlightenment development repo’s.
  3. Update the Enlightenment Nightly repo to use the new obs_scm service rather then our. old script that needed a rewrite.

So did I succeed at all? Yes although as usual I didn’t make as much progress as I hoped, I have openQA running locally and can run the openSUSE tests, I have had to spend some time modifying them to have longer timeouts due to poor Australian internet. I got most of the way to building a kiwi image although there is still some minor failures that I need to get back too. I got the obs_scm service working on obs for the efl package and I now just need to add further packages and fix any build errors.

Where to from here? From here i’ve learned all the hard parts and I should be able to continue on it as I have time. Soon hopefully the X11:Enlightenment:Nightly repo will be back up and I should hopefully have some enlightenment live images for testing soon and if they work I might even create a stable image for people to play with. Longer term hopefully i’ll be able to run enlightenment + efl releases through openQA to find major regressions before we release them, hopefully i’ll remember to keep you up to date here as work progresses.