e25 Theme Updates

It’s been quite some time since I wrote a blog, mostly through lazyness but this platform is probably the best platform to share an update on this project so here we go.

As you may or may not be aware in version 25 Enlightenment is now using a completely new theme, given the time and effort that I have invested into themes based off the old Dark theme it made sense in my head for me to continue maintaining it. To that extent I have gone through the new Flat theme and added pretty much every new feature except color classes (they would be alot of work), my initial aim to have this done at e release time, however, some things like icons have taken far longer hence only releasing now.

Alongside this there has some been some major changes to how Terminology themes work, including the fact that color schemes have now been separated into there own file. As such as well as shipping an enlightenment theme, Terminology theme and Icon set I am now also shipping a custom Terminology colorscheme for each theme.

To make everyone’s life easier rather then needing to build things yourself I have now started using the github releases feature to upload release binaries for all supported themes.

Alongside the Dark theme I am releasing 3 other “Recolor’s” of this theme, each of which uses a mix of generated and replaced images to transform the Dark theme into something different as can be seen in the screenshots below, i’ll also provide a short summary of each.

Ice: This is what happens when you take the Dark theme and make it substantially lighter although currently it uses a darker wallpaper for contrast.

Neonz: Personally I never found the dark theme quite dark enough so I set about creating this theme, it was the first custom theme I ever worked on, then for reasons at a later date I decided to give it a bright white wallpaper which you can change (Finding wallpapers with an open source license so I can ship them is hard).

Both Ice and Neonz are almost 100% generated and really show of the limits that my Darkmod Theme Scripts can go to, If you want something like one of these themes just with a different highlight color i’m almost certain that you could generate it following the instructions Here.

openSUSE-e-Oliveleaf: This theme started out life as The default theme for openSUSE 13.1but it has continued to be quite popular so I thought I’d release it here as well you’ll just have to live with a bit of openSUSE branding should you choose to use it.

I also have a few other themes in the works, one that is not far off and will likely become the default theme for openSUSE in the not to distant future, if you poke around in https://github.com/simotek/Enlightenment-Themes you might be able to figure it out.


    • DrTebi
    • June 5th, 2022

    Love it!

    I’ve been using Enlightenment for about a decade now, and the new “flat” theme came as a big shock to me. Reverting to the previous version of Enlightenment was a work-around, but of course not a proper solution.

    Your dark theme is a gift from heaven, solving this problem!

    Fantastic work, I thank you with all my heart 🙂

    • Brokenshakles
    • June 11th, 2022

    Hey Simotek, when do you plan on getting out those amended text colors/palettes for EDI? I would like to be able to code with my old text colors again.

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