Vilocana Maps – First Screenshots

This is the first set of screenshots of my Vilocana Maps Project more to come later.
These are screenshots of the first basic opengl renders of my Vilocana Maps Project. The only current GUI Modifications to the original Vilocana program is the heightmap tab which allows basic manipulation of the heightmap and the load heightmap menu option. Currently only 1 heightmap can be loaded however i would like to add support for multiple heightmaps using the tree on the left hand side.
The opengl component is still very basic using opengl’s implementation of Vertex Buffered Objects to draw the heightmap as the QT implementation is not scheduled for release until QT4.7. There is currently the options to render the heightmap as either a solid object or a series of lines. Basic shaders have been implemented using QShader at the moment these provide the colour for the heightmap using either greyscale or a rainbow pattern i will be looking to add a user defined gradient specified in the gui soon as well as support for Lighting and textures.
Due to a upgrade to libjpeg my image loader no longer uploads jpegs so currently only png images will work my next section of code will be to re write the image loader using the QT image classes so that this is no longer a issue.

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