A bit of a update

Almost a year ago, i wrote a post having updated the site i said that i’d write another post soon and that i’d try and get the theme for this site up to a polish-able standard. This hasn’t happened for a couple of reasons, mainly that i have taken on a lot of the maintainership for  the enlightenment window manager packages in the openSUSE Linux distro, this has been taking up alot of the spare time i have to work on technical projects. I am aiming to write a update on where this project is at soon, then write regular updates as i make progress.

In my day job i have spent the last 2 and a half years working on the User Interface and handset software for the Codan Envoy HF Radio. 

In other parts of life I got married late last year, shortly after that my father had a heart attack and passed away soon after, he had started work on a small model railway layout based on the Great Northern Railway, i have started working on this layout with my Son and i’ll try and blog about the progress on that as well, especially while my wife is studying Sunday. We also have another child due in a couple of months adding to the business. 

I’ll try to keep up with blogging about the projects i’m working on even if there just small updates, rather then my approach over the last 2 years of doing a reasonable amount of work on projects then occasionally writing alot about them. I also now have a twitter account @simotek_dot_net but don’t expect me to post much i plan to just use it as a feed into my news reader, maybe more on that another day.

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