This is a collection of stuff that i have written about reflections on life and stuff alot of it is probably influenced by the fact that i have been a Christian for most of my life. Most of these posts come from me thinking about seeing or hearing something that inspired me to sit down and write something which for those of you who know me will know is a pretty rare thing. Some of these posts were originally published on my myspace page a few years back and have been copied exactly formatting and all. I hope there’s something in there that gets you thinking just a little bit.

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A new First for Simon (A Blog) (31-October-2006)

This is the first blog post i ever made i've copied it directly from my myspace page. Hey there everyone well theres a first for everything (Well everything that actuly happens) and tonight's first is that im going to write a blog i dont know whats brought on this sudden idea mabey its procrastination mabey its life or maybe its just the way i feel or a combination of all of them. Now the hard part what am i actually going to write about maybe ill do this part when something inspiring comes to mind.
I know i could talk about my current song on this myspace thingo cos a few people have commented on it and how its made them feel. Its called Everything changes and is by Staind. On of the first things i noticed it is talking about is the way we interact with people and the small things we say and do in our life and the massive impact that these small words and events can have on the people around us i remember watching a facenating movie about this called the butterfly effect and how the smallest words and actions and events can totally change the way we think and feel and act something as small as the flap of a butterflys wing can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world. I know that personally a lot of this has been happening in my life as of late and how some realy small insignificant seeming things have changed my life and my perspective on stuff. And I think that realy we need to be so careful in what we see and do and think stuff through cos I think the moregood impacts we have on people and the less bad influences we are the better our lives will be and the better of the people around us will beMore...

1 Corinthians 14 (10-May-2008)

I originally wrote this as a discussion for a bible study group i was part of a couple of years ago it was posted on my old blog which i never used much but there was some comments on it if you would like to view them feel free to email me and i will send you a link to it. These are my own thoughts and they may well be wrong and they most certainly don't reflect the opinion of anyone with any sort of authority. I also changed a couple of the colours i used to make it readable. For Those of you not in the Adelaide Uni ES small group on 12 tues this is a email i wrote for them outlining some things in 1 Corinthians 14

Hey Guys as i said i would in tuesdays bible study im pulling apart 1 Corinthians 14 (about speaking in tounges) for you. I dont have a up to date email list of you guys so if ive missed anyone feel free to forward it on to them or anyone else who you may think is intrested and if you get this and you havent been coming to the small group feel free to read and comment as you wish.More...
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