Now that i am no longer a full time student and i work as a software engineer I don’t have the desire and commitment to work on projects on a regular basis. I do still enjoy stuffing around with technology, tweaking it to how i like it, as well as being able to share my thoughts and opinions on technology and how i use it.

I think that technology should be easy to use along with being esthetically pleasing and looking good in general. I have started writing a series of articles based along these ideas, ranging from how to set up Linux to be easy to use and look good, to articles voicing my opinion on various forms of technology and how i think it could be better.

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Enlightenment e17 on openSUSE 13.1

Hi all, as one of the enlightenment maintainers on openSUSE i thought i'd give you all a quick review / tour / how to for enlightenment on openSUSE. The version of Enlightenment shipping with openSUSE 13.1 is 17.3 with version 1.7.8 of the enlightenment foundation libraries, this was the most stable release at the time of the feature freeze. If you would like to help us test later versions i wrote about the current plans for our testing repo's on obs here the other day... More...

Enlightenment e18 coming to a openSUSE near you soon.

With Enlightenment e18 now in alpha its time to look at packaging it for factory so i’m going to outline our grand plans so that you can be aware of what is going on and help us with testing, while alpha packages are now out initially we aren’t packaging them formally, we already have regular [&hellipMore...

openSUSE e17 Theme

I decided to create this theme for 2 reasons, firstly i thought it might be a bit of fun, but mostly because i think for enlightenment to be integrated into openSUSE by default it should look and feel like the rest of openSUSE. Of course to continue like enlightenment although by default we should match [&hellipMore...

Enlightenment on openSUSE, now with profiles.

Hi all, here is a quick update on whats going on for enlightenment on openSUSE, firstly we now have a working profile, it could do with some enhancements still, i would have liked to get a desktop and laptop profile the later with the backlight and battery monitor unfortunately i haven’t worked out how to [&hellipMore...

A bit of a update

Almost a year ago, i wrote a post having updated the site i said that i’d write another post soon and that i’d try and get the theme for this site up to a polish-able standard. This hasn’t happened for a couple of reasons, mainly that i have taken on a lot of the maintainership [&hellipMore...
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