Skill Tester game First Stage

Well i’ve completed the First Stage of my Skill Tester Game. Despite the fact that the game Jam i started this little project for is over i haven’t really got alot done mainly because i started less then 24 hours before the finish due to having other stuff to do like trying to get this site up and having a public holiday so i couldn’t get the parts i needed. Anyway i have got all the hardware  soldered together and the processor booting enough of a startup program to initlise everything turn the led’s on and off  acouple of times and write numbers to the display. I am yet to test the switches yet but they should work. I have also started a bit of the game engine but not that much of it for now im going with statically loaded maps ill work on generating random one’s using the timer for randomish number generation as nothing happens except on button presses later once i have a system running which i would like to do for the meetup friday but probably wont have.  Once i have a working version ill post the code my schematic or a simplified version and a price list so that you can build one yourselves.

  • Skill Tester game First Stage
    • Will
    • June 13th, 2010

    Skilltester? what is this witchcraft? are you making one of those three fingered claw games that steal my money when i go to magic mountain?

    also, Simo has a blog? whoa! this is very cool. I shall be making one soon. Kind of similar, except i will talk about god and life and music and books and what my dog likes etc. what do you think of wordpress as a hosting service?

    • admin
    • June 14th, 2010

    Nah it doesn’t have a robotic claw just LED’s and buttons its about the size of your average calculator i should put some photo’s up now that i have built it however at the moment it doesnt work cos i never finished the software for it maybe in the holidays.

    As for wordpress i am not hosting this site with them at the moment so i can’t comment on there hosting. I won a years hosting and a domain name in a contest last year so at the moment it is hosted with

    They basically gave me access to a empty website i then chose to install wordpress on that site because i wanted a blog and i know from previous experience that wordpress is quick and easy to install which it was even with the modifications that i listed in the web section of the blog it only took about a day to set up. With the external hosting it means i have a email address and can also put things other then wordpress on this site not that i have and it also gives me direct access to the code on the site not that you’d probably need it. One thing that is worth thinking about is buying a domain name they are really cheep and it means instead of having your blogs address as you can make it anything that is not taken such as good luck setting yours up.

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