For the last couple of years i have been helping maintain Enlightenment on openSUSE, here is where you can find updates about what’s going on with Enlightenment on openSUSE as well as some other related things.

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Enlightenment on openSUSE, now with profiles.

Hi all, here is a quick update on whats going on for enlightenment on openSUSE, firstly we now have a working profile, it could do with some enhancements still, i would have liked to get a desktop and laptop profile the later with the backlight and battery monitor unfortunately i haven’t worked out how to [&hellipMore...

A bit of a update

Almost a year ago, i wrote a post having updated the site i said that i’d write another post soon and that i’d try and get the theme for this site up to a polish-able standard. This hasn’t happened for a couple of reasons, mainly that i have taken on a lot of the maintainership [&hellipMore...
    • Rudi Pittman
    • February 20th, 2015


    where can I download the e17 and e19 versions of the opensuse-e black and green theme? I’d like to use it with bodhi and just use a different wallpaper.


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