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A few years ago I was searching for a dark gtk theme and never found one that I fully liked so I ended up mashing together a few to get one I was happy with. I never finished the theme completely and have therefore not released it until now, however, I have had requests from mates to use it so I have uploaded the uncompleted versions for people to use. I may also do some work putting together icon themes to get a comprehensive one that I am happy with.

Posts from this Section

Darkmod Enlightenment theme converter

Today I'm happy to release the first version of my theme converter script (0.1.0) along with a alpha version of my light theme...


SabyDarkLooks GTK Linux theme

This linux theme base is mostly not created by myself but work from others all work is licenced under the GPL and credit is given below. This theme is still in its beta version and i have uploaded it mainly due to requests from mates that have scene me running it. More...
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