Now that i am no longer a full time student and i work as a software engineer I don’t have the desire and commitment to work on projects on a regular basis. I do still enjoy stuffing around with technology, tweaking it to how i like it, as well as being able to share my thoughts and opinions on technology and how i use it.

I think that technology should be easy to use along with being esthetically pleasing and looking good in general. I have started writing a series of articles based along these ideas, ranging from how to set up Linux to be easy to use and look good, to articles voicing my opinion on various forms of technology and how i think it could be better.

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Hackweek Report

Every now and then SUSE lets its engineers have a “Hackweek” were we can work on anything that we think is of value. This Hackweek I focused on improving testing of the Enlightenment desktop, I had 3 main goals, 1. Id like to be able to run tests on EFL / Enlightenment tarballs before there [&hellipMore...

Enlightenment in openSUSE Leap 42.1 (and tumbleweed)

Hi All, it has come to that time of year where once again I tell you about all the new goodies we have in enlightenment for this release. In this release enlightenment itself hasn't changed that much, its got the stable 0.19.12 release with a stack of fixes hopefully making it really stable.


Making a Linux Robot, Part 5ish

First your probably wondering where parts 1-4 are, the truth is i’m to lazy to write them atm, they have been started though. Anyway here’s a quick teaser video of progress so far with a bit of info below. Some of the key components are: ODROID C1 (Running openSUSE Linux) LCD (Not in use today)